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  • MALE
  • 60 FPS
  • 180°
  • 3D
Preview: 1440p 60 FPS - 291 MB
Preview: 960p 30 FPS - 148 MB
Preview: 720p 30 FPS - 95 MB
Full Length: All Headsets
Your friend Musa Martina brings home her new friend Chloe Chevalier. She tells you that the girl is French and that she doesn’t speak a word of English. She wants to show her the city and she’s asking you to come with them. When Musa leaves the room for a moment, Chloe approaches you and starts ...
to tease you by touching your leg and chest, which turns you on. Musa comes back and sees that you are hard and that Chloe is next to you kissing you. Laughing, she says that she already knew that she liked you, because she told her before, but she thought that Chloe was shy. Musa watch you both kissing for a while and then she decides that she also wants to join the party, so both girls kneel and take of your trousers to give you a blowjob. Your evening turns out to be excellent with this threesome. You will fuck in different positions: in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary… The moans of the French girl while you have sex with her will turn you on so much!


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