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The Repair Man Gives you His Tip

  • 60 FPS
  • 360
  • 3D
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You are a hot Hollywood housewife Kenzie Taylor dealing with hundred degrees California heat with a broken AC unit in your upscale Beverly Hills mansion. Such temperature can successfully ruin your life and kill the joy out of everything, so you really have to do something about it as soon as possib...
le. You decide to beat the heat by stripping off and lying naked on the bed while the AC repairman fixes the problem – hopefully he will deal will the thing fast and easy and soon you will be able to enjoy this day in a civilized way. When he comes for his payment and sees your naked, sweaty, hot body, he just can not help it and stares directly at your wet pussy. You too can observe something fancy, as you have noticed that just looking at you gave him a hard boner in his pants, so you already know that your day is about to get better. Moments later he puts both of his lips down on your pussy and licks it all over, which is so intense and enjoyable, especially that you do not need to give him anything in return. Want to see what happens next? Join Kenzie in her girl POV VR Porn video!


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