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Come on Barbie, let's go party!

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  • MALE
  • 60 FPS
  • 180
  • 3D
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1440x720 - 30 FPS
Full Length: Oculus Rift
3840x1920 - 60 FPS
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3840x1920 - 60 FPS
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3840x1920 - 60 FPS
Full Length: OSVR
3840x1920 - 60 FPS
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2880x1440 - 60 FPS
Full Length: Smartphone
1920x1080 - 30 FPS
Description: The Czech blonde hottie Katy Sky is feeling really special today. She's disguised as a Barbie girl - in pink lingerie, with a lollipop. Are you ready for this sweet treat? She won't need you to brush her hair, but you can undress her everywhere! It's all up to your imagination - after all, life is y...
our creation! In this special scene, you can touch her and you can play with her... and she will say that she's always yours.
Pornstars: Katy Sky