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Caught Spying on Hot Latina Ella Knox

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The best part about late fall is all the busty girls in sweaters. But in certain parts of the country, they're still wearing skimpy clothes. Take Ella Knox, for example. She's in lingerie and a sexy bathrobe when she answers the door for her – get this – air-conditioning repair man! And you're t...
he repair man! But the best part about it is that Ella's getting her air conditioning fixed, which means those big fat natural tits will have hard nipples poking out of anything she wears when she cranks that cold on. But we digress. The point is is that you're they're to fix her AC. But because this is an Ella Knox VR porn video, you're going to get up close and personal with her, AFTER she catches you perving on her trying on clothes from outside the windows. Believe it or not, it turned her on! So you have two choices: either you can bang this hot, voluptuous beauty, or she can rat you out to your boss and your ass is canned. I know, tough decision! And when you see that fat rack released from its chambers in her bra, you won't give a fuck about your job. Your only job at that point, as far as you're concerned, is to fuck her stupid because, quite simply, she wants it. This is reality sex, so make it real and make it sexy. Mash your face into those bountiful bosoms and let Ella go to work on your big dick. The air conditioning can wait, because right now, in Virtual Reality, everything is hot, hot, hot!


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